Meet your new ESO Users Committee representative

By Sarah Sweet
[email protected]


The ESO Users Committee is an advisory body whose remit is to relay to ESO the experiences of the national communities, recommend improvements to ESO’s services, and communicate progress to their communities. For the past four years, Dr Caroline Foster has very ably represented Australia on the UC. Thank you to Caroline – as a result of her service, ESO’s user services and engagement are of already high quality and our community remains in ESO’s consciousness.

From January 2022 I will be the new Australian representative on the committee. By way of introduction, I am a Lecturer in Astrophysics and DECRA Fellow at the University of Queensland. My research in the field of galaxy evolution includes chemical abundances, angular momentum and morphology.

As ESO UC rep, my aim is to continue to communicate the unique views and needs of the Australian community to ESO, and ensure that your voice is heard. I will regularly solicit input from the community via the Astronomical Society of Australia’s mailing list and annual meetings, and will welcome your direct feedback at any time. I am looking forward to hearing diverse views from Australian astronomers and making a positive difference to our ESO membership experience.


Michael Murphy is the Australian representative on the ESO Science Technical Committee. Contact: [email protected]

Sarah Sweet is the Australian representative on the ESO Users Committee. Contact: [email protected]

Stuart Ryder is a Program Manager with AAL. Contact: [email protected]

Guest posts are also welcome – please submit these to [email protected]